Urge Fox to fire Alan Colmes for despicable comments about Santorum infant

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Contact Fox News today and urge them to fire Alan Colmes for his despicable comments.

Fox News radio host and political commentator Alan Colmes went so far beyond the line of decency yesterday that he should immediately be terminated by Fox.

Rick Santorum's wife gave birth to a boy who died just two hours after his premature birth. The Santorums brought the body of the infant home so that their other children could see him, hold him and recognize the precious worth of every life.

Here is a transcript (for video, click here) of Colmes' inhumane comments, on Fox News Happening Now program yesterday (emphasis ours):

"Once they (the voting public) get a load of the crazy things hes said and done, liking taking his two-hour old baby who died right after childbirth home and played with it for a couple of hours so his other children would know that the child was real."

When Rich Lowry confronted him on air, Colmes arrogantly leaned back in his chair with his arms crossed and a smug look on his face.

Colmes has since apologized in private to the Santorums for his "hurtful comment." But his comment goes way beyond hurtful. It is uncaring, callous, deeply offensive and beneath contempt. He owes the entire viewing audience of Fox News an on-air apology followed immediately by his resignation, whether forced or voluntary.

He may have made things right with the Santorums, but he has not made things right with America. He is unfit to serve any longer on Fox.


Contact Fox News today and urge them to fire Alan Colmes from his radio program and that Fox immediately cease to use him as a political analyst on its cable news programs.

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